Founded in 2012 by Johnny Remo, Inspired Family Entertainment is the distribution entity of SkipStone Pictures of which he founded in 2007 as a motion picture, production company that specializes in the Producing of high quality, story-driven, message films and television programming for a broad range of audiences.  We secure our financial resources independently, enabling us to produce economical, cost-effective films.

Inspired Family Entertainment, is a Global distribution vehicle that places our productions and ones we distribute directly to Theaters, DVD, Walmart, Redbox, TV, Netflix, Bookstores, Amazon, iTunes, Pay Per View, and other streaming outlets, and retailers worldwide.

With a constant focus on meeting the evolving needs of viewers and content buyers around the world, Inspired Family Entertainment is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for original content as it continues to expand its portfolio of films, series, and new media content.



has worn many hats in the entertainment field and still does.  He has worked as a successful actor in Stage, TV, and Films, including the Award Winning play “Just Roommates” that was written by Johnny, the Emmy Award winning daytime show, “One Life to Live”, “All My Children” and Steven Spielberg’s, “Innerspace”.


Johnny has also produced over 15 features, while writing and directing 6 of them. He has produced for such people as Debra Hill, producer of “Escape from New York”, “Fisher King”, and ”Escape from LA”, and Robert Simonds, producer of “The Spy Next Door”, “Pink Panther”, “Happy Gilmore”, and recently “The Dog Who Saved Easter” for Lionsgate.


As a filmmaker Johnny’s co-written, produced, and directed such feature films as “A Letter to Dad”, “Cutback”, “Hardflip”, “Like A Country Song”, and his newest movie, “Saved By Grace”, and all were awarded 5 Doves from The Dove Foundation, along with multiple awards in several categories. As a filmmaker he knows what a fellow filmmaker goes through to get a film made and as a distributor it makes him strive to get the best results from sales of all movies he distributes.



Meet our VP of Acquisitions, Jeff Ezell. Certainly not a stranger to the entertainment field having produced and managed many theater shows around the world. Jeff also had many years in top leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies that helped drive sales targets and produce record profits.


Combine those together along with his military background and you have a machine that wants to help filmmakers succeed when it comes to distribution.


Behind the scenes, Jeff has known and worked with Johnny Remo off and on during smaller projects for the last twenty years. Jeff and Johnny are certainly business partners as well as great friends. We look forward to helping you see your successes too.

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Inspired Family Entertainment always looking for high-quality films to distribute either already finished, or needing finishing funds to complete.


We’ve been Filmmakers for over 20 years and in Distribution for over 8 years and as Filmmakers we understand what you go through as a Filmmaker to make your film, from the arduous task of raising production funds, through pre-production and production, (hoping everything goes off with out a hitch but never does) and finally the many hours of post production. So who would you trust to take care good care of your film, your baby, and make sure it gets the proper handling and exposure it deserves? Just one of many Distributors out there who are just sales people, or a Distributor who is also a Filmmaker?


Inspired Family Entertainment, along with SkipStone Pictures, the production arm of IFE, is creating and building an amazing library of Family, Faith message films and has Marketed and Distributed them through theaters, DVD, Walmart, Redbox, TV, Netflix, Bookstores, Amazon, iTunes, Pay Per View, Cable TV, and other streaming outlets, and retailers worldwide.


Camera and equipment technologies are changing on a daily basis allowing filmmakers to create movies quicker, better, and less expensive. In turn the traditional ways of raising capital has also changed, new funding for independent projects continues to emerge. We also work with many different financial institutions, including banks, venture capital companies, private equity groups, film funds, and personal backers to fund feature films.


This is where we differ from every other Distributor.


IFE Distribution Charges and Fees are unlike any other in that we DON’T charge any fees of any kind and only a flat 25% Distribution charge of Gross Sales, yes Gross Sales not net. Other Distribution Companies not only charge an up front fee ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 they also charge a Distribution charge of 35% – 50% of Net Sales plus expenses. We feel that any expenses accrued by Distribution Companies in regards to selling your movie is their cost of doing business and should NOT be passed onto the filmmaker. So once again who would you trust to take care good care of your film? Just one of many Distributors out there who are just sales people, or a Distributor who is also a Filmmaker and knows what you go through to make a movie?

If you’re looking for Distribution for your finished film, funding for your next film, finishing funds, or just free advice for your film, please contact us

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