Inspired Family Entertainment always looking for high-quality films to distribute either already finished, or needing finishing funds to complete.


We’ve been Filmmakers for over 20 years and in Distribution for over 8 years and as Filmmakers we understand what you go through as a Filmmaker to make your film, from the arduous task of raising production funds, through pre-production and production, (hoping everything goes off with out a hitch but never does) and finally the many hours of post production. So who would you trust to take care good care of your film, your baby, and make sure it gets the proper handling and exposure it deserves? Just one of many Distributors out there who are just sales people, or a Distributor who is also a Filmmaker?


Inspired Family Entertainment, along with SkipStone Pictures, the production arm of IFE, is creating and building an amazing library of Family, Faith message films and has Marketed and Distributed them through theaters, DVD, Walmart, Redbox, TV, Netflix, Bookstores, Amazon, iTunes, Pay Per View, and other streaming outlets, and retailers worldwide.


Camera and equipment technologies are changing on a daily basis allowing filmmakers to create movies quicker, better, and less expensive. In turn the traditional ways of raising capital has also changed, new funding for independent projects continues to emerge. We also work with many different financial institutions, including banks, venture capital companies, private equity groups, film funds, and personal backers to fund feature films.


If you’re looking for distribution for your finished film, funding for your next film, finishing funds, or just advice for your film, please contact us